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Issue 106: January/February 2006 Issue 106: January/February 2006

Inclusion Archivist post shows the way forward — News
A weaver went to war — Lynn Lamport
Politics and the parish pum — David Hayns
Basing House — Mark Turnbull & Alan Turton
The Folds of Wolverhampton — Anthony Perry
6 pages of book reviews
4 pages of periodical reviews 

Our price:   £3.50

Issue 107: March/April 2006 Issue 107: March/April 2006

Attacks continue on historic local rights — News
Local history heading for meltdown? — News
Southampton's Heritage Revealed — Tim Alletson Saunders
Electronic Access to Hertfordshire's Oldest Estates and Lost Mansions — John Camp
A new local history society rises from the ashes of an old pub — John Clancy
Wars have to be paid for — Peter Richards
The Awful Price of Coals — David Hayns
5 pages of book reviews 

Our price:   £3.50

Issue 108: May/June 2006 Issue 108: May/June 2006

A magic lantern show finds a safe home in Wiltshire — News
Is the internet the answer? — Kate Thompson
Police boxes and the local residents — John Bunker
A look at public health in two Kentish towns at the start of the twentieth century — Helen Allinson
Old Leigh: a brief history — Michael Pudney
6 pages of book reviews 

Our price:   £3.50

Issue 109: July/August 2006 Issue 109: July/August 2006

Domesday Book? Isn't that the new Dan Brown novel? — News
Heritage Lottery funds overdue Memorial — News
Changing fortunes for Hull's history — Robert Howard
In search of England's lost villages — Leigh Driver
Making Memories — Dee Gordon
Moota Camp 103 — Gloria Edwards
6 pages of reviews 

Our price:   £3.50

Issue 110: September/October 2006 Issue 110: September/October 2006

Cambridgeshire LHS gives itself a makeover and a new name — News
Living in London's safe embrace — News
William Hesketh Lever and the story of Sunlight Soap — Margaret Williams
The long-gone cinemas of the Medway Towns — John Clancy
Researching village life: Aston-upon-Trent — Sally Aquire
The Essex and Suffolk Stour Navigation: a history — Sean O'Dell
6 pages of reviews 

Our price:   £3.50

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