• The Last Class - The Story of The Midland Adult School Union 1845-2020

The Last Class - The Story of The Midland Adult School Union 1845-2020

Dawn Hamill

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The remarkable story of the Midland Adult School Union charts a Philanthropic, Social Movement to bring education to the working class of Birmingham. It was formed during the Industrial Revolution and surviving two World Wars, it preceded welfare and educational reform in the UK.

From its outset in 1845 the Movement taught reading and writing, initially within Severn Street Board School then as the membership grew, Classes spread across the Midlands. It provided an education for Life through study and discussion and established the first place of respite, St Oswald’s Camp, for its members which resulted in a Social Life without the use of Pubs.

Many family histories and memories are woven into The Last Class. The book is a culmination of interviews with past and present members and several years of research. In 1910 the National Union claimed a membership of more than 113,000 but with a changing society only one Class remains. The Rubery Class.

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Format Paperback
Pages 232
Dimensions 240mm x 170mm
Illustrations 78 black & white

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