Local History Magazine

Since 1984, Local History Magazine has been the country’s No.1 national magazine about local history. Produced on a bi-monthly basis readers have access to a comprehensive news section along with exclusive reports on many aspects of local history. We realise that the best way to learn about local history is by practical example, which is why all our articles mention the sources used and the methods employed. Local history books and periodicals are a treasure house of information - which is why we pay so much attention to them! There are, on average, about 50 reviews in each issue and full bibliographical details are always given. Its coverage of local history events across the country is unrivalled. If you would like to subscribe, then you can do so via our Bookshop.

The subjects we have previously covered range widely in both space and time and most of the issues are available from our Bookshop where the contents of each are listed. (Please note that issues 2 to 92 will be available from the Bookshop shortly.)

What others say about us...

‘...a thoroughly practical magazine.’
John West, Village Records

‘An excellent magazine which always has good things inside and is full of enthusiastic tips.’
Martin Wainwright, BBC Radio 4

‘...an important source of information for the hands-on history enthusiast for the whole of Great Britain.’
Tracey Turner, BBC Education