Hadrian's Wall to come alive

Roman legionary

Hadrian’s Wall will take centre stage for a major series of dramatic re-enactment events during the week after the Spring Bank Holiday (26–31 May 2009), with a cast including Romans, Border Reivers and Civil War troopers. The events are being staged as part of 'The Living Frontier Celebrations'. The organiser, Hadrian’s Wall Heritage Ltd, is working closely with the Ermine Street Guard to recruit re-enactors from all over Europe to create a full Roman Century (80 soldiers) — the first time this will have been seen on Hadrian’s Wall for over 1600 years. From their encampment at Corbridge, the Guard will make visits to a number of sites in Hadrian’s Wall Country, as well as presenting full drill exhibitions and living history displays at Corbridge.

Other events will include a living history camp involving Border Reivers at Birdoswald, where there will be weapon and show drills with muskets and other period equipment and an interactive ‘court martial’. The Sealed Knot will set up camp in Carlisle Castle and give visitors a flavour of what it was like at the time of the Siege of Carlisle Castle in 1745, plus parade ground demonstrations and troops manning the battlements. Vindolanda will be the site of an encampment which not only recreates Roman military life, but shows how civilians and families lived almost 2000 years ago. The Roman Army Museum will provide a taste of history with cookery demonstrations from key periods in the history of Hadrian’s Wall.

The highlight of The Living Frontier week will be a ninety minute pageant at Tynedale Rugby Ground in Corbridge on Saturday 30 May at 8.00pm. The event will bring together all the re-enactors and their frontier stories in a spectacular show which will mix storytelling with technical wizardry. Tickets for the pageant will cost £10 for adults and £5 for children. Anyone who buys a ticket for the event will save 50% on admission charges for all the other venues where the Living Frontier events are taking place during the previous week.

For Living Frontier information, including tickets, dates and times, telephone 01434 322002 or visit For other information about Hadrian's Wall, see

10 April 2009

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