A new home for Glamorgan Record Office

The new Glamorgan Archives

What the new Glamorgan Archives will look like. Image courtesy of GRO.

Next year will see the opening of a brand new Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff which will include space for conferences, workshops, lectures, school groups as well as a public searchroom and user facilities. There will be a modern paper conservation studio where visitors will be able to see specialists working to repair and conserve irreplaceable documents.

The new 4,500 square metre building will include a storage block containing around 15km of shelving and is being constructed in such a way as to use the structure itself to create stability in terms of temperature and humidity — which will reduce the need for environmentally expensive air conditioning. The change of location will be marked by a change of name to Glamorgan Archives. To manage the move Glamorgan Record Office will be closed to searchers from Christmas 2009 for a period of at least three months, possibly extending to six months, although every effort will be made to ensure access to records for essential users during this time.

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19 August 2009

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